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The drawing of a component is taking first lease of life at the hands of our workplace, a form called Mould. Careful analysis of the drawing descends on to the Plates after several operations. Keeping in view of the longevity of the Die, the special Tool Steel is selected after metallurgical test. During the operation of Tool Making, every stage is monitored with great care by our Quality Assurance Technical Personnel. We take great care in designing the Tool for easy handling by the Customer for higher productivity. Flash Grooves are designed perfectly to achieve minimum wastage and to deflash easily without making any distinctive marks on the Components.

Our experienced design group use the very latest in three dimensional modelling software to produce moulds to the exact requirements desired. Our strength is in our highly trained, experienced software developers, latest computer systems and software. To be a true global player in the rubber mould business, we have done substantial investment in our CAD/CAM facility. To be abreast of the latest happenings in the world of CAD/CAM design, our software developers are sent on regular training programmers and few experts also do visit our facility periodically to impart latest technology into our development.

It is rest assured that our team puts in the best technology in the areas of CAD/CAM to fulfill the high expectations of our clients. Edizi Gauge & Mould is one of the very few design groups globally that has experience in the design and manufacture of Micro moulds, helping our clients stay ahead of the curve. We use Mould flow technology to predict any potential problems with the design of the moulds or component, to ensure an end to end success rate.

The Design of Moulds are done on 3D environment with the use of the latest CAD software’s. The design systems are fully integrated into the manufacturing process. Part data is received from the customer in either of the following formats – Pro Engineer part files, STEP, IGES output from any other software. The data could be exchanged through email & CD’s.

All the moulds undergo rigorous testing before dispatch. Sample articles with measured dimensions are sent to the customer for approval and functional testing. Recorded moulding parameters enable immediate production start up after delivery of the moulds.

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